When Is the Best Time to Plant Trees In Morganton, NC?

You can’t just plant trees at any time of year and get desirable results. This begs the question, when is the best time to plant trees?

Generally, fall is the ideal time to plant most tree species in Morganton, NC. That’s because the ground is soft and moist and your trees have sufficient time to establish solid root systems before the the stem starts growing next spring. 

In this blog post, professionals at Limbwalkers Tree & Crane Service, a trusted provider of tree service in Morganton, delve deeper into the best time to plant trees in the city. 

when is the best time to plant trees

Why Plant Your Trees in Fall? 

When you plant in fall, you allow your trees to establish roots before the freezing winter temperatures take over. You won’t need to give your newly planted trees as much attention as you would if you were to plant in spring or hot summer months. 

Unlike early spring, planting your trees in the fall saves you the hassle of regular watering several times a week. Since the nights and mornings are cooler, this helps your young trees retain moisture and settle in. 

How To Plant a Tree Properly

When is the best time to plant trees? You may know the answer to this question, but you still won’t get the desired results if you don’t understand how to plant your trees properly. 

Once you’ve picked the tree you want to plant and the right location, use a shovel or lawn edger to cut into the ground a circle twice as wide as the spread of your tree’s roots. Next, strip off about two inches of sod inside the circle with the shovel. 

Right in the middle of your circle, dig a hole a little wider than the spread of the tree roots. The hole should be just deep enough so that once you plant the tree it’ll be almost as deep in the soil as it was in the nursery. 

Roughen up the soil at the sides and bottom of the hole. Before placing the tree in the hole, check the roots for any issues and remove any unhealthy or broken ones. Also, unravel large roots that circle the root ball. 

Place your tree in the planting hole. Tuck soil beneath the roots or scrape it away until you achieve the correct depth. Shovel the soil back, ensuring you leave no voids in between the roots. Add a three-inch depth of straw or wood chip mulch around the tree’s trunk. 

Lastly, apply at least one gallon of water per square foot spread of your tree’s roots to promote healthy root growth. 

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