Can a Tree Grow Back From a Stump in Morganton, NC?

After cutting down a tree, you’re usually left with a stump. In addition to sticking out like sore thumbs, stumps can lead to other future plant growth concerns when they aren’t dealt with properly. So, can a tree grow back from a stump? 

Below, our experts at Limbwalkers Tree & Crane Service, a leading tree service in Morganton, discuss everything you need to know about plant growth from stumps. 

can a tree grow back from a stump

Can a Tree Grow Back From Its Stump?

While it may not seem likely, trees can eventually grow from tree stumps left in place. While you may only see a small, flat stump, what you don’t see are the extensive, strong roots beneath the surface. These roots could sprout new growth over time, eventually developing into a new tree in the same place as the old one. 

Whether or not a tree grows from a stump depends on numerous factors, like the strength of the roots, the tree species, and the nutrients in the soil. For example, if you initially cut the tree down because it was decaying, the roots likely aren’t strong enough to grow a whole new tree. 

How Can You Prevent Plant Growth?

Can a tree grow back from a stump? Yes, so how can you prevent this?

You have a few options for preventing tree regrowth from your stump. Essentially, you want to cut the potential tree’s growth from its source: the roots. To do so, you must minimize the stump’s size and health as much as possible by hiring a professional tree service to complete one of the following:

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves pulverizing the stump until it is below the ground’s surface. Professional tree pruners use a commercial grinding device in sweeping motions to destroy the stump as much as possible until it is at least a few inches below ground level. 

While stump grinding does not eliminate the roots, it compromises the plant and prevents most roots from producing new buds. Only the strongest roots will be able to sprout after stump grinding, and you can trim these as they pop up. In most cases, the roots will not be able to continue producing after this process. 

Stump Removal

Stump removal eliminates the entire stump and roots from the ground. This process helps you avoid all chances of regrowth but can be quite damaging to your property and comes at a higher cost. The stump removal experts must employ excavation techniques, digging up large portions of your yard for complete root removal and potentially ruining your grass or nearby plants. 

In most cases, experts recommend stump grinding to mitigate risks of plant regrowth without the costs, heavy equipment, and property damage of full stump removals. 

Prevent Tree Regrowth By Scheduling Stump Grinding Today

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