How To Get Rid of Tree Roots in Your Lawn in Hickory, NC

When you picture your ideal lawn, it probably doesn’t have exposed tree roots running through it. Besides being unsightly, visible roots can buckle sidewalks, wreck lawnmowers, create trip hazards, and even harm the tree. In this post, an experienced tree service in Hickory, NC, covers how to get rid of tree roots in your lawn.

how to get rid of tree roots in lawn

The Causes of Exposed Tree Roots

The following elements contribute to visible tree roots in lawns:

  • Physical impediments: Sidewalks, foundations, and streets can limit the growth of tree roots. When they can’t grow out, they sometimes grow up.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: When trees struggle to get nutrients, water, or oxygen, roots evolve, adapt, and grow nearly everywhere to survive. 
  • Soil conditions: Compaction, oversaturation, and erosion can also cause tree roots to break the surface.
  • Tree type: Birch, ash, maple, and willow trees have shallow root systems.
  • Age: Mature trees often have thicker, more fibrous roots than younger trees.

Managing Exposed Roots on Living Trees

Tree root management for lawns requires extra care when trees are living. Tree care experts recommend the following:

  • Apply a thin layer of mulch. Carefully remove a circle of grass around the tree and spread a layer of unstained chipped wood or shredded bark mulch. Avoid piling it up too high or against the trunk, which can harm the tree.
  • Aerate compacted soil. Soil compaction from foot traffic or heavy equipment prevents water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the roots. As a result, they may breach the surface in search of what they need.
  • Add ground cover. Mowing over exposed roots can damage your equipment and harm your trees. But the right ground cover doesn’t need mowing, which allows lawn maintenance and tree roots to coexist more peacefully. Plus, it hides visible roots.

Eliminating Exposed Roots on Dead Trees

Recommendations for how to get rid of tree roots in your lawn are different if the tree is already dead. You can take more assertive measures without worrying about harming the tree. You’ll still want to exercise caution to avoid damaging your lawn and other trees.

Below are several solutions for eliminating tree roots in grass:

  • Physical removal: Although it requires the most effort, physically removing tree roots from lawns is one option. You may be able to use hand tools to dig out small roots, but a professional stump grinding service can make the process easier.
  • Chemical removal: Another method involves applying a chemical compound, such as an herbicide. However, herbicides can kill other plants, leach into groundwater, and even harm animals. Stump grinding is less damaging to the environment.
  • Epsom salts: A DIY natural remedy for dealing with tree roots in turf is applying concentrated salt. This typically works more slowly than herbicides, taking a few months to kill roots.

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